Tough few weeks…

Since the BUCS Hill Climb, things have been a bit messy – training mixed in with uni work has been interesting…

However, got a piloting spot with Martin Gordon as stoker for the International Paracycling Track Cup in Newport! This meant a few days spent in Newport to familiarise myself with riding with Martin and riding a tandem on the velodrome. A rather addictive feeling that, zooming around on a 53-13 training gear, 53-12 on race day, odious buzz! Didn’t do too badly overall in the kilo and 4km pursuit on race day, so it was fun!

Coming from 32C+ inside to -2C outside was interesting though, and opened me up to the mumps virus that’d been going round the uni – I’ve had MMR jab though, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it has meant being off the bike for a few weeks… A right pain in the backside! Especially now given that the paracycling track world champs have been announced Mexico in April… Probably won’t get a spot on the squad, but I’ve plenty of solo targets to aim for – just need to get this virus fully shifted over Christmas, while working on the farm, and see where things go!

The winter series races at Odd Down will be an opportunity to get some decent tempo work in the legs, with the aim being to work for some of the 4th cat riders (if possible as a 2nd cat) and bring some of the other Bath Uni CC guys up to 3rd cat, making them eligible for the BUCS road race (if it happens this year…). The TTs (3-up TTT, 10 and 25 mile) will still be hit hard, and they’re in April, so if I don’t get to the champs I’ll be hitting them in a pretty good vein of form all being well! Should be on the first team for the TTT this year, so I shouldn’t be pulling 2 other guys round most of the way (sorry Bri and Harry, but it’s true)

Looking good though, needed these few weeks off to collect my head and focus on revision for my January exams, ones I really need to do well in if I’m to meet or exceed my predicted final classification… Who’d have thought Engineering would be difficult?



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