25-2-2012 – ‘Welcome to my Pain Cave’

Managed to persuade Pierre with a few simple words to join today’s Ludgershall spin, and it was a bit mental… We’d decided on the train there to smash out the first few laps, relax a little, not too much, then go absolutely flat out for the lead out, with Pierre finishing the move off and me finishing within the top 10, meaning that we both move up to 3rd.

Getting to the circuit, we found that the 4th’s race was significantly shortened (30mins+5 instead of 45), making it more possible for a breakaway to work. The start went exactly as planned, with the pair of us going off the front for the first couple of laps. Pierre eventually dropped back into the bunch to conserve a bit of energy (his fitness isn’t overly great yet) while I stayed up there and continued to make efforts in an attempt to either break away with little effort, or keep everyone on their toes, sapping their legs for the finish.

About 8 or 9 laps in, there was quite a significant crash, meaning the race was neutralised for 4 laps while the guy was checked over and the course cleared again. During the last 2 of these, we slowly worked the pace back up again… the race restarted with the 5 laps to go signs up, so things got a bit hectic, people trying to make sure they were at the front for the finish. We managed to stay up at the front, with Pierre sitting on my wheel. 1 lap to go, people started edging their way around as the pace ramped up again, so the shout went up from Pierre to go… I floored it… never induced as much pain in my body, ever, but I kept pushing, round the top corner and beyond. With the way the course was, after the top corner it went down then slightly back up again, which is where I kicked again, splitting the bunch and setting Pierre up for an easy finish, killing myself, only to realise I might get swamped and not get the top 10 I needed, so had to do it again to the finish line… Like I said, never felt in as much self inflicted pain, but looking behind and seeing the pain in everyone else’s faces was enough, I had, ‘Welcome to the Pain Cave’, on my back! All in all, a fantastic bit of Bath Uni CC domination!

And then there was the ride to get to the train on time… again, more of what I enjoy, just working off the front!


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