18-2-2012 – Ludgershall Winter Series 6

So, having been for the first of the Ludgershall Winter Series, finally got round to getting again (cheers James for the lift). I’d really only intended to see if I’d got any faster, but it turned into trying to smash people off the front for the first half hour… pretty standard for me, staying behind people all the way isn’t much fun! Having got caught by the 3’s, they immediately came to the front and started to really shell people out the back… fortunately I managed to find wheels and in the last 10 or so laps split time between working and just sitting in… Last few laps, I tried to work for James Bailey in the 3rd Cat race, but ended up going around the outside on the last corner and nailing it as hard as I could… I don’t have the same jump as most of the guys there, but was still accelerating on the way to the line when others had already hit their top speed, pulling myself up through about 10 places before the line. Can’t complain with that, that cheeky wee second place out of it puts me 1 point off 3rd Cat, so hopefully it’ll be an upgrade this weekend when it happens all over again!


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